Ag Walk ‘N’ Across Nebraska

Date/Time: May 1 or 2 @ 10am or 1pm Central Time
Grade: 4-5

In Nebraska, agriculture is our number one industry. You might not realize it at first, but we have a variety of ag products grown in Nebraska: corn, beef, sugar beets, even apples and grapes. From the Scotts Bluff and Wildcat Hills to the Nebraska Loess Hills, Nebraska has a wide diversity of soils that make this ag diversity possible. Join us on this Nebraska Ask a Scientist! virtual field trip to meet a Nebraska Extension Educator who studies how these different soils influences the types of ag crops grown in Nebraska.


  • To register your classroom for a VFT through the UNL Marketplace.
  • The cost for both VFT can be covered with a NETA Virtual Field Trip Mini-grant. More information about the program and a link to the grant application is located here.
  • For more information about all the virtual field trips available to your classroom visit the ESU Virtual Field Trips website.

To download a copy of the event flyer, click here: Ag Walk N Spring Flyer 19