Whether you’re involved in production, conservation, science, business or consuming – Raising Nebraska lets you see agriculture from a number of perspectives.

Throughout its 25,000 square feet of exhibition space, video, touch screen technology and hands-on activities create experiences that are unique to you – all designed to engage, involve and teach. You’ll get to see things up close that you don’t typically get to see.



Surprises lie behind each door, as you discover that it’s not just food that farmers raise. In the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom you’ll discover which everyday items come from agriculture, and in the garage, you’ll learn about renewable fuels like E85. Meanwhile, in the dining room, you can make a meal on the interactive placemat, and learn where your food is produced. You’ll also discover info on food insecurity by county, showcasing total population, the population percentage that suffers from food insecurity, and the number of children affected.


Combine Drive

There’s more to harvesting crops than you think! Learn what goes into the decision about which crops to plant each year, how farmers prepare their field for planting, what they do to care for the crops once they’re planted, and how all of those factors affect when they plan the harvest. Then, climb inside the cab of a combine and experience what it’s like to harvest crops in this realistic simulator.


Control the Flow

Getting the right amount of water to the right spot at the right time – that’s the key to making the best use of water in agriculture. In a state with diverse terrain, soil types, climate, and crops see how satellite technology, mapping, fiber optic sprinkler heads and more make this pivot and full-size span as impressive for its versatility as for its size.


Grain Bin Theater

Learn how Nebraska family farmers and ranchers are using innovation, technology, and talent to grow more with less, and marvel at a powerful film about Nebraska’s international leadership in agriculture. This six-minute video produced by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture replays every ten minutes.


Trusted Voices

Agriculture is more than a family tradition. Hear and see farmers and ranchers talk about how they do what they do – and why they do it.


Walkable Map of Nebraska

On this giant topographic map of Nebraska, you’ll experience the difference in elevation and precipitation as you travel from east to west across the state, learn about the top crops and livestock in featured counties, discover the six different ecoregions in the state, read about the rich patchwork of soils that are found in Nebraska, and learn about the underground aquifers that supply most of the groundwater in the state.

Corn Reading Rail

Read statistics on how farmers are “sustaining innovation” on flat graphic panels, discover the various types of corn, detasseling and the components of corn in the flip books, and interact with the touch screen to discover where Nebraska corn goes, all underneath a larger than life sculpture of an ear of corn!

Soybean Reading Rail

Under a larger-than-life soybean sculpture, read information on soybean production in Nebraska and the various uses of soybeans on the flat reading rails, discover how soybeans grow, and how soybean meal and soybean oil are used by reading the flip books, and interact with the touch screen to discover how soybeans are part of our daily lives.

Aquifer Interactive

Navigate the interactive touchscreen to learn about groundwater, how aquifers work and other information related to water in Nebraska.


Informational Banners

On two sets of large informational wall displays, you’ll learn “insider information” about pigs, beef cattle, dairy cattle, dairy goats, and chickens, learn what types of food products come from these five major species, and discover interested factoids about cows, chickens and pigs. You’ll also learn interesting facts about other important crops and products raised in Nebraska, and discover “who knew?” factoids about a wide diversity of Nebraska products.



Other features include:

Presentation Kitchen – Food preparation, food safety and nutritional presentations from commodity groups and others.

Presentation Stage – Special programming and informational presentations take place on this stage, located in the southeast corner of the building.

Cargill 150th Anniversary Display – Discover more about Cargill and how they’ve made a difference in Nebraska agriculture over the past 150 years in this special exhibit!

My American Farm – Learn more about farming through a variety of games specific for age groups and subject matter. You can also visit www.MyAmericanFarm.org to play at home!

Conversation Pit – Conversation pit where you can ask questions and talk directly with a farmer, rancher or other experts.